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Natasha Body Massage Parlour | The Absolute Best Body Massage Parlour That Kolkata Can Offer. Call Now +91 974-890-9793

We, at Natasha Massage Parlour, A happy soul is far removed from all kinds of diseases and ailments so don’t you think you should take extra care of your heart and soul. At our place, we take care of you body and soul. And the surprising part is that your body will also respond to a little pampering on your part so that you stay healthy wealthy and wise for many years to come. When we say that a massage can do wonders for you we mean it. In fact, a good massage can be greatly enjoyed at any time of the day (we are open from 10 am to 8 pm) so that you can get for yourself a supple body and a contented smile on your face. Our existing clients never forget to mention how they have been struck by magic whenever they visit us. They cannot be further removed from the truth when they say this. A good massage will give you a new lease of life because after the spa and massage blood circulation heightens to the maximum all over your body. Increased blood flow will help repair any kind of broken tissues. This means you are going to get a great feeling for long afterward because our team of experts look after your physical wellbeing and otherwise. Our team offers their best each time you stop over at our place and has an unmatched reputation and expertise to match. So, this weekend take the long desired break from the monotony of life and gear up for the massage and spa which is unparalleled in the city. We vouch for your safety and secrecy. Drop into our many branches today and get yourself treated to a unique spa and massage experience which we guarantee will be out of this world. So, when do we see you my friend?

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Full body massage is a hands-on manipulation of the skin, muscle and joints to relax muscle spasm, relieve tension, improve circulation and hasten. Our Swedish massage system incorporates techniques known as effleurage, petrissage, vibration and friction, these movements are both physiological and psychologically beneficial.

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A sensual body massage can be one of the greatest pleasures in life. Lying down with eyes closed, coupled with the sound of soothing music in the background, with the aroma and feel of massage oils being applied gently all over the intimate points on the body can be a highly refreshing activity.

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Body Massage Parlour can be an erotic experience between two people and it's a sure way of building up to explosive sex. Massage is for people who really want to enjoy a good sex life because it enhances the sexual experience.

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Giving a sensual massage is a wonderful way to both give and receive pleasure. Giving your partner a long massage is a great way to relax your lover. It also takes you out of our busy life and into our bodies and pleasure as well as putting you both of you in a sensual mood.

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Giving your lover a sensual, erotic and sexual massage is a wonderful gift of love. Guys, the end result is usually some hot sex.This will bring back the romance in air and multiply fun and pleasure in your life.

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Unisex Massage therapy is not a procedure reserved to suffering people. Perfectly healthy people can get a massage, because the primary role of massage is to prevent disease and maintain the body in shape.

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Are you looking for a natural body spa? Chattanooga has natural body spas that aid in unwinding and relaxing from daily stress. What's even more important is that they are a perfect way to provide the body, mind and soul with the care it needs.

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Face massage aids the skins absorption of oils and creams that are applied. Start the massage by pouring a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand and apply gently all over the face.

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Hot stone massage - allow the secret gift of nature - warm stones - to help your body slow down and take time out. Hot stone massage seems to be the 'in' new thing on Day Spa Menus worldwide.

Meet Our Kolkata Massage Parlour Experts

Our team comprises of beautiful, friendly and attentive massage experts who are sure to make your experience worthwhile. They are charming yet professional, and believe in providing value for money. They belong from the specialized massage therapy techniques, as part of our repertoire, which are: SENSUAL MASSAGE, FULL BODY MASSAGE, EROTIC MASSAGE, SANDWICH MASSAGE, OIL MASSAGE, SPA THERAPY, SWEDISH MASSAGE, BODY TO BODY MASSAGE, THAI BODY MASSAGE, PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE, AROMA OIL MASSAGE and more. They use the best quality oils, the most amazing stress-removal and muscle-melting techniques, and arouse your inner senses to their fullest potential.

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